Escape Call



Have you ever been on a date, at a party or in a meeting where you really wanted a reason to leave? Ever ask a friend to call your cell phone at a certain time to offer you a polite excuse to scram? Now you can have that excuse ready every time, and no one will even know about it!

Just set Escape Call to anyone in your contacts list, select a delay time up to two hours away and press the sleep button on the top of your phone. EscapeCall will sit silently until the timer has run out, at which point you will get an �urgent call� and you can decide if it�s time to leave!

What makes this different from some of the other "call me back" or fake call applications is that you can press the sleep button on your phone and actually TURN THE SCREEN OFF! That means a more realistic appearance and better battery life. Yes, you will need to unlock the screen before answering a call.

Ringing and call in progress screens will use names and photos from your phone's address book.

Use this app on your iPod touch and when you receive fake calls your friends will think you've got a new mini-iPhone!

Available in Full and Free versions - give it a try for free!

This app is currently being updated for iOS 7/8 and should be back in the AppStore soon!