iBeat Radio



Tune in to a wonderful world of music, news and talk with iBeat Radio! Streaming radio is the best way to enjoy the music you love and to listen to the newest music first, even before it breaks on your local FM station. And just to be sure you don't miss that favorite song iBeat Radio continually scans through your favorites, showing you what's currently playing on other stations. When you see a song you like, just tap it to tune in and start listening!

Listen with tour headphones, external speakers or iBeat Radio even sounds great through your iPhone's built in speaker. Background play and remote control are supported so that you can play games, browse the web or run other applications while listening. Build a favorites list to easily tune between the stations you like best. Check out our mot popular stations in the iBeat Top 20.

How many times have you been listening to music on the radio and thought I want to buy that song? iBeat Radio makes this easy - one tap brings you right into iTunes where you can purchase the music for your collection.* Of course, anything you buy is available on your device just like other content purchased through iTunes.

iBeat Radio uses the Internet to receive streaming audio, and therefore requires a WiFi or cellular connection to operate. Standard data usage charges from your provider will apply.

*Some songs are not available for purchase. Music is identified based on artist and song title. Please be sure to preview all selections prior to purchase to ensure you are getting the song that you intended.


iBeat Radio works on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices running iOS 4.0 or higher. A 3G or WiFi connection is required. Please note that 2G iPhones and older iPod Touch devices do not support iOS 4.0 and thus cannot run this application. Feeds are provided by individual content providers who are not affiliated with teeny Software. We can not guarantee the availability of any particular feed or station. Not all areas are available. If you know of a feed or station that you would like to see added to our directory, please email us at support@teenysoftware.com